Friday, February 12, 2010

Blue Mars finally on Koinup!

Blue Mars, the wonderful virtual world created by the Honolulu based company "Avatar Reality", has now a brand new Koinup dedicated channel. You can browse Blue Mars Pictures and machinima directly in the header of Koinup. You can also hangout in the Blue Mars main page to access the best contents, stuffs, pics and videos posted by the BlueMars colony on Koinup.

Blue Mars is bringing immersive high 3d definition into the social worlds arena. Moreover, this new virtual world is raising the sidebar of user generated contents and builds, by allowing developers to import meshes and contents built with 3D tools and by offering huge tools for getting creative inworld, too.

We invite Koinuppers and readers of the blog, to enjoy the brand new Blue Mars homepage on Koinup and if they are not yet "Martians", we warmly invite them to download the Blue Mars Client and start their colonist life in Blue Mars.

To discuss, share pics and engage in conversations about Blue Mars, Koinuppers have already created an engaging and gowing group, you can access here


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