Saturday, February 20, 2010

Twinity releases new version

Earlier this week, Metaversum released a new version of it's expanding mirror world Twinity. Together with the recent additions to London, this release marks an important phase in the growth of Twinity, as the focus seems to shift from purely technical releases, to facilitating the Twinity residents ('Twinizens') and the community. This is a good thing, as the Twinity community seems to be growing rather nicely, much like Twinity itself.

Many of this releases' improvements, for instance to the user interface, the new welcome tour and a new interactive tutorial, are aimed at improving the user experience and new user retention.

Attend that event!
One example of a nice improvement is the community user interface. A handy button was added, that allows Twinizens to subscribe to an event. Guided tours through London, games, art events: you can see what's being organised, who's organising it (both Metaversum and Twinizens themselves!) and attend with one mouseclick.
Twinity new community interfac...

Twinity bloggers group
The group and people interfaces also received some attention, making it easier to find friens or that one group you're looking for. The result is a more usable, userfriendly Twinity experience. Speaking of groups: are you blogging and a Twinizen? I have created a group for Twinity Bloggers; you're all invited!

Also, you can now buy new Globals - the local currency - using Paypal, which is very useful for an international audience and for those without credit cards. Another payment method is iDeal, which is my preferred payment method online.

Metaversum, which is making a play for the creative community as well, is also working on improvements in Collada upload, which they describe as 'still an early beta'. I'm quite interested to see what's going to happen in this area as well!

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