Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Koinup selected by the startup incubator Working Capital

Working Capital is one the most important italian startup accelerators. We had the chance to meet the Working Capital team some months ago and today we are delighted to announce that Koinup has been selected by Working Capital to be one of the startups incubated in the accelerator.

Thanks to this deal we had the opportunity of migrating Koinup servers in the Top-IX Consortium. Top-IX is one of the most important italian hosting and housing consortiums. Most tech startups are hosting and housing their tech assets in Top-IX. Top_IX gave us access to the Developer Program, a specific and dedicated tech program for innovative italian web companies.

You can read about the Koinup-Working Capital deal, here. There's also an interesting conversation between Working Capital and "me" speaking about Augmented Virtuality. What the heck is Augmented Virtuality? Read more


Maria Wingtips said...

I can't read the linked article as my Italian is less than stellar, but congrats on the deal. Good news!

Maria Wingtips said...
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Pier said...

thanks Sered! yes, we're excited! it's a great result for us!

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