Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Twinity: Skateboard fun

Twinity has become a lot more fun! I mentioned the new skateboard earlier, but it's cool enough to warrant another blog post.

In Twinity, you can't really teleport to just any sidewalk or street in a city: there has to be a destination, a defined landing point such as an apartment, shop or museum to go to. Once you've teleported there, you can go outside and start exploring the neighbourhood, which still can take a lot of time if you have to do it walking or even running. But now that we've got our skateboards, exploring these places has become a lot easier! Even areas somewhat removed from landing points are much more accesible: using the agility and speed of the skateboard (press that shift button!) you get from here to there in no time. Plus, there's the fun and opportunity of discovering new and unexpected things to see. I thought I was a bit done with exploring in Twinity, but the skateboard and the recent additions to the cities have revived that part of the virtual mirror world.

And then there's the competetive side!
Twinity: at Marius skate shop

Tonight, Arjun organised a practice session for the upcoming Street King Skating competition, which promises to be a lot of fun. A dozen or so skaters showed up for practice; they promptly engaged in discussion, community gossip...
Twinity: at Marius skate shop

..and, yes, also some skateboarding! Unfortunately I had to log off right after Arjun lost the first race to Kaylea. I'd love to know whether he won the rematch or not :) More Skateboarding snapshots can be found at my Koinup page.

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Jason said...

Whoa, virtual skateboarding! That's bringing skateboarding to a whole new level. Lately, I have shelved my normal skateboard and have gotten back to the roots of skateboarding with my new plastic skateboard. The plastic skateboards, http://www.plasticskateboards.net , are throwbacks of the 1970's retro banana boards. I love it because I can just cruise and carve instead of feeling pressured to pull of technical tricks.

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