Sunday, April 11, 2010

Amazing World of Warcraft screenshots for the 3D Wallpapers app

We're launching a call to action for World of Warcraft wallpapers. If you're a Wow player (or photographer) you have now the chance to get your screenshots included in the 3D Wallpapers app as mobile downloadable wallpapers!!!

Join the World of Warcraft Wallpapers group, submit your best shots and get your images in front of millions of mobile users!

3D Wallpapers is a mobile app built by Koinup that brings the most amazing images of virtual worlds, 3d and avatar art directly to your mobile. You can get all the info on the app here

So far, we have already picked 150 images for the 3D Wallpapers app and we plan to reach 250-300 in a couple of months. 3D Wallpapers will be released in exclusive for the Ovi Store, the online app store of Nokia

Image above by Maiyya


Free WoW Game Card Generator said...

Wow, you guys got some really nice wallpapers there. I might submit some when I get time to. Good luck with it! =)

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