Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Enjoy these Koinup Media Partners

If Koinup keeps growing, along with the passionat, loyal and vibrant community, it depends also on the great and impressive job of Koinup media partners. Today, our "thank you" is for three amazing partners: Hiperia 3D News, Slnn.it, Poid Mahovlich

Hiperia 3D News, is one of the most authoritative and up-to-date virtual worlds focused blog. Hiperia is partnering with Koinup to promote the job of machinimists active on the website. Read the latest Hiperia 3d news article dedicated to a wonderful Koinup machinimist

Slnn.it is the most read and popular italian online magazine dedicated to Second Life. We're partnering with SLnn.it in order to leverage the artistic community of Koinup. Each week, Slnn.it features a Koinup artist in the "Graphic Dreams" column. This is the latest article dedicated to: Ruriko Bracken

Poid Mahovlich is a long time loyal and pro-active Koinup partner. She help with growth of Koinup blog and now is working side by side with Hiperia 3D News in scouting the most interesting machinimists active on Koinup to highlight on Hiperia's blog.



Jordi R Cardona said...

Thank you Pier. I really like our partnership because Koinup has proved to be the main hub of virtual worlds and is an honor to be at your side.
This year many have fallen and Koinup has survived and stood upon the rest because of the great quality that it offers.

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