Saturday, April 3, 2010

Show off you graphic talent in the "graphic dreams"

If you have some artistic or graphic talents, then you might want to join the Graphic Dreams group on Koinup. The group is the result of the partnership between Koinup and Any week, the staff will pick a member of the group to cover in a dedicated story on the "Graphic Dreams" column on (Read here the latest stories on Koinup members profiled in the column)

Unlike other groups, Graphic Dreams group is open to all virtual worlds and it enchourage people from all the virtual worlds to join the group and show off their talents. Beside some amazing Second Life photographers, also some IMVU, World of Warcraft and The Sims members have been already reviewed and featured by the staff.

We're planning, with the team, some further projects aimed at leveraging the best contents of the group and give the best Koinup artists further visibility on both the websites (Koinup and and outside. Join the group, NOW, and stay tuned for other updates with the blog!

(image above by RurikoBracken)


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