Saturday, June 19, 2010

Come Meet Your Fellow Koinuppers InWorld- The Official First Meetup of the In the Eye of the Beholder Group

Well this is my first post on the Koinup Blog and hopefully I don't prove myself to be completely inept. I'm posting here to invite all of my fellow Koinuppers to the first meeting of the In the Eye of the Beholder group. It wasn't easy to pin down times that would work for everyone but I think we've gotten as close as we can. The feedback I got from all of you was so helpful and after much deliberation here is what I came up with..

Saturday June 19th 7a-10a slt and again at 6p-9p slt

You can find the group on Koinup:
and the group in Second Life:
(copy in local chat and click!)

You can also contact me inworld for more info ( Emmins13 Sygall )

Where: COLORE art gallery

Theme: New Friends (i thought this was appropriate since we'll hopefully be making lots of new friends because of this group :D)

Details: I will place a group pose inworld for us to use and then we can all do with that what we will in our own style and with our own spin :D

**This week we will also be having a bonus meetup @ Lost World starting at 11a slt for anyone that would like to come and hang out before the big party for The Lost World Creative contest winners announcement, feel free to im me inworld if you have any questions

Hopefully quite a few of you will be able to attend and if you're busy this week don't fret, this will be a weekly meetup each and every Saturday at the same times just a new location. Notices will be sent out in the COLORE, Koinup and In The Eye Of The Beholder groups inworld and I will also post all pertinent info in the In the Eye of the Beholder group discussion on Koinup. In addition, be sure to watch this blog for a weekly reminder including the theme and location for that week.

A toast to all of you that helped to make this a reality and I'll see you in COLORE


Anonymous said...

Love the idea, and it was so nice to meet you last time!

Loquacia Loon

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