Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How to increase "views" on your Koinup works

There's a growing interest in knowing how to get attention on Koinup and reach hundreds of views on your images, machinima and artworks. This post will give you some tips on getting the most out of Koinup in terms of views on your works. I take for granted that you have a good network of friends and followers, because this is the most important factor to get attention, favs, comments and tons of views. Along with networking, there are anyway some other tips that you should follow to gain views (and favs and comments, too)

1. Add relevant tags to your contents
The "search" is one of the most used page on Koinup, and contents on Koinup are indexed by title, description and tags. Then, adding relevant tags help your contents to be discovered and enjoyed by viewers. Adding unrelevant tags won't help you because visitors will ignore your works after seeing the uninteresting thumb

2. Submit to the relevant groups
There are almost 1000 groups on Koinup, then once published a work on Koinup, make sure to add it to some relevant groups. If your image is postprocessed then you should submit it to the many groups dedicated to postprocessing and photo-editing, if you took a photo of a landscape, then there are many landscape groups to join and so on. At the same time, unrelevant groups won't help you to reach traffic. Both tags and groups are slow, but during the weeks they will increase gradually your views.

3. Join the "Milestones" groups
There's a ton of groups dedicated to works that reached specific milestones. Once you reach 100 views, you can add to the 100+ views group, as soon as you reach 350, then add to the 350+views group and so on, up to 1000+views, 3000+views and even 5000+views
These groups are visited frequently by Koinup members and visitors because they feature the best of the best of Koinup

4. Share on Facebook & Twitter
There are many and easy tools on Koinup to share on Facebook and Twitter. With just one click your works are sent to your Facebook and Twitter. Both these websites will drive a lot of traffic to your pages and will increase views.

5. Get the Koinup front pages
If your works are engaging, exciting, beautiful and/or funny, you can get many comments and favs, this will improve ranking and you will have more chances to be featured on the Koinup front pages. Both the general homepage and the specific virtual world sub-homepages (Second Life, The Sims, IMVU, Moviestorm, etc). Being featured in the Koinup front pages will drive you additional views and mostly will increase your awareness in the community.

6. Enjoy the partners program
If you wanna have the chance to be featured on important magazines and blogs (and this way increase your views), you should absolutely join the "Koinup partners program".

At the moment, there are two important partners program on the website:

Hiperia3D Machinima Selections
For machinimists. Each week, Hiperia3D News features a machinimists active on Koinup. Join the Hiperia 3D Machinima group to be considered.

Graphic Dreams
For graphic artists. Each week, features a Koinup visual artist. Join the Graphic Dreams group to be considered


Unknown said...

Can you give some suggestions as to the best kinds of tags to use?

Pier said...

Tags must be descriptive and help people to discover what they're looking for on Koinup.
Example. If you take a photo of your avatar, I suggest you to use tags that describe the subject as: "portrait" "avatar" "selfportrait"
Moreover you can add some tags that describe specific features of the images: "photoshop", "postprocessing", "screenshots"
Or even tags that tell about the style of the subject: "neko" "emo" "punk" and so on

The most important is to use tags as label that add informations to the contents. This way, when people will search on Koinup for "portraits" "emo" "photoshop" your contents will have a chance to be found and get more views

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