Friday, June 18, 2010

Museo del Metaverso is the first "Metaverse Wallpaper" sponsor

We're so glad to announce that Museo del Metaverso, one of the main art organizations in Second Life (and Opensim), is now a lead sponsor of Metaverse Wallpapers project.
Museo del Metaverso (MdM) is promoting the launch of the Metaverse Wallpapers to its members. The staff is also helping us to get the word out and reach their community .

The main goal of Museo del Metaverso is the preservation and archiving of the art created in the metaverse. Both Koinup and MdM work for the promotion of Metaverse culture, art and photography. So, it has been so natural to join the efforts and partner for the launch of the Metaverse Wallpapers

I invite you to visit Museo del Metaverso location inworld and read about their project on their official website

A special thanks to Rossana Galvani aka Roxelo Babenco, founder of Museo del Metaverso


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