Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stories From The Machine Presents: Tera Online, An interview With Community Director Jason Mical

Many of you may have heard of the brand new MMORPG that has forged it way into the consciousness of gamers everywhere due to it's incredible innovation, groundbreaking technology and stunning asthetic. That game is Tera Online from Blue Hole Studios (Korea) and En Masse Entertainment (USA.)

Tera, which is currently in development and holding Focus Group Tests, promises to revolutionize gaming. It has been dubbed "The Worlds first true Action MMO" by the industry insiders and has gaming enthusiasts around the globe buzzing with anticipation as it progresses toward launch (currently scheduled for 2011.) This week, it enjoyed a monumental first showing at the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo - or for those of you down with the industry lingo, E3, which is one of the largest and most important milestones for mainstream games and development studios from any platform. The annual E3 expo is where it kicks into high gear with press conferences, demonstrations, big reveals, goodie bags (Oh yes, swag!) and more.

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Just a few days prior to heading to Los Angeles for the expo, I had the honor of talking to the Director Of Community at En Masse for Tera Online, Jason Mical. As I embarked on the new gaming series of Podcasts I'll be doing throughout the summer, I truly hoped that Tera would join me at the microphone. That it came in the form of Mr. Mical was a true delight. In my prep work I had heard him in other interviews and knew that he would be the best suited to take on the DiVA, and we had a phenomenal time talking about the game and sharing a bit about our own respective histories in gaming. You'll learn a bit about Tera's Next Generation combat system wherein you don't target an enemy but instead use your own awareness and maneuverability to survive! Take a Listen to the podcast below...

It's important to note, especially with consideration to the vastly creative Koinup community, how breathtaking the world of Tera Online is. It will no doubt become of of the most photographed virtual worlds in the near future. If permitted, I believe it will be a powerful platform for machinimists to weave new stories and deliver brilliant new characters and concepts to audiences everywhere. Make sure you visit their Official site, sign up for the newsletter and visit their forums to make your own voice heard. Mr. Mical said it best. "Tell us what you want Tera to be." Before I let you wander off to discover all Tera has to offer, get a taste of Tera in the brand new trailer fresh from the E3 Floor. I'd like to state for clarity NONE of what you will see is CGI. This is actual game footage.

To learn more about the game please visit the following sites:

I'd like to thank Jason and the team at Tera Online for taking the time to chat with me, for suffering my often insufferable banter and sharing their world with us!

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Pier said...

Great job Phaylen
I didn't know about this amazing world/mmorpg

as you said, it seems there's a great potential for machinimists/photographers/metaverse artists, because of the high quality graphic and visuals in Tera

Please continue to keep us updated about the development of this interesting project

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Thanks for getting this info! It was really interesting to learn some new facts about the most expected game for me ;)

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