Sunday, August 22, 2010

Twinity: developing, shopping, gambling..

For a while now I have owned two apartments in Twinity: one in Amsterdam which I rented somewhere in 2008, and the Palmadora apartment which I bought a while ago. As I was checking out the available real estate in Miami, I noticed Twinity now allows me to rent or sell the Palmadora apartment! I already own and rent out real estate in Second Life, and it would be interesting to compare the two rental markets. So, I'll keep an eye the Twinity rental market, as the Twinity rental system and market are developing. Expect more blog items on this issue in the not too distant future :)

Speaking of developing: there's a lot of real estate on the market currently, both for rent and for sale. Buying a small apartment in Berlin, London or Singapore can be done for less than 20 euro; Miami is significantly more expensive, with the cheapest apartments selling for 47 euro. Yet I've been tempted by the Miami apartments..

Twinity also has a lot of stores, currently, as Dee pointed out recently. New ones open every now and then: earlier last week the '70s themed 'Stardust' opened, followed by 'Jo Fashion' on friday evening. Shop openings are usually well visited and a nice place to meet people, buy stuff and have some fun.

Gambling has been banned in Second Life for quite a while now; Metaversum takes Twinity in the exact opposite direction, with the opening of the first Twinity Casino a few days ago. The roulette table is operated by a bot, of course, and I was able to win a few Globals. If you like to bet a bit, this is the place to be.
Twinity: betting on it

I know I run the risk of repeating myself, but I'll say it again - Twinity is improving and becoming an ever more interesting place. See you in world!


Amazon Viner said...

The gambling is cool, but I'm a little concerned right now that too many newbies hoping to get rich quick will wind up losing all their hard-earned globals in a matter of minutes. On the upside, since gambling is only available for premium members, once Twinity gets fee-based, it will only be limited to people who actually have the disposable income to gamble some of their globals away.

Anonymous said...


When is Twinity gonna to take off... Most of their cities are devoid of people.. I can hardly spend 10 mins in each location they have launch.. ...


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