Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Getting started with the Koinup photo notes

We're starting to deploy a new way to interact with contents on Koinup, by using the Koinup Photo Notes. Basically, we added a new brand feature that allows Koinup members to create notes on all the pictures posted on Koinup (The Koinup photo notes don't work on videos, so far). With the Koinup Photo Notes, you can now add brief texts inside the image. So you can engage deeper with contents and interact more easily with friends

Following are some of the first uses we see from the Koinup community that get the most out from the notes:

1. Adding notes to our own images, in order to explain details or enrich the image with description and thoughts
2. Add notes to your friends images to express a comment or ask about details, how-to and requests
3. Use notes to tag friends, included in the photo

If someone adds a Koinup photo note to your stream of images, you will see a report in the "recent activity" page, including a direct link to the page of the note's author. If you don't want a note on your images, you can still choose to avoid notes in the image settings, while uploading your content on Koinup.

Koinup Photo Notes are not perfect, there are some minor issues. A specific issue is that the Koinup note doesn't include the link to the note's author in the image (but it does feature the koinup username, and you can always check your "recent activity" to get the name linked with the profile page of note's author)

Enjoy the notes and leave your feedback!


Anonymous said...

How do you hide the notes so you can look at the picture?

Pier said...

The notes are visible only if you mouse over the picture. If you think notes are inappropriate on your pictures you can remove them (click on the "x" in the picture)

Anonymous said...

how do you DELETE an image you accidentally uploaded?

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