Friday, September 24, 2010

A welcome to Avatars United members

We at the Koinup headquartier heard that Avatars United will be shutting down on September 29th. Avatars United - along with Koinup and Myrl (now dismissed, too) - has been an important web portal and social gateway, for virtual worlds members.

Linden Lab purchased Avatars United about one year ago and some days ago they took the decision to shut down the website. Many Avatars United members are now probably looking for a new home to share they virtual lives.....

We know that nothing will be quite like Avatars United in the hearts of its users, but if you're looking for another social gateway to share your virtual worlds experience, we encourage you to give Koinup a chance a shot.

While Avatars United was more about social apps, Koinup is definitely more focused on sharing contents, particolary images, art, machinima. According to many bloggers, Koinup is a Flickr meet Youtube social network devoted to virtual worlds.

On Koinup you can publish virtual worlds screenshots, watch machinima created by the most creative directors and enjoy wonderful digital art. Koinup is loyal home for more than 30.000 virtual worlds members. About one third are from Second Life, but we have thousands of members coming from all the virtual worlds (BlueMars, World of Warcraft, The Sims, Frenzoo, Twinity)

On Koinup, you can also join groups, take part in conversations and discover the most interesting virtual worlds spots to visit (mainly for Second Life)

If you're still feeling that you should continue to share your virtual life, then you can consider to join the vibrant community of Koinup


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