Sunday, November 21, 2010

The winners of the "funny and playful art" contest

The avatar "greenduke" also known in real life as Mario Gerosa, Second Life blogger and editor of the popular italian magazine AD, just announced the three winners of the "funny and playful art contest".
As said in the contest guidelines: "The works for this contest should have an ironic or playful attitude and possibly to take inspiration from pop culture. These could be pictures, photographs, installations, but also the avatars themselves"

Said these preliminary remarks, the contest got a wonderful success and you can browse here almost 100 submissions - most of them very interesting, clever and funny

The three winning works will appear in the upcoming issue of Metaverse Creativity, a scientific journal about virtual worlds directed by Elif Ayiter (Alpha Auer in SL)

Here the winners:

1. Circus Life by LookatmyBack chosen by Elif Ayiter (below)
2. Botgirl vs Dummy by Botgirl choosen by Mario Gerosa (below)
3. Keith Colors by Baroque chosen by Peter Ludlow (above)

Botgirl vs. Dummy

Circus Life


Lookatmy Back said...

Wooow! Thank you! Thank you so much! ^_^
It's a real honor to me!
I could not resist to the contest's theme because ironic attitudes and fun are the best part of our virtual adventures.
Shooting this picture was a real fun, for sure. That what I love the most in this pic are the infinite possibilities of cartoonish stories which could evolve from this shot letting anyone imagine the most funny ending of each action. Anyway this wouldn't have been possible without the help of my friends, that's why I'm so glad to share this very kind award with them all: thanks to La Baroque ( Baroque in Koinup ) for her bravery in entering the cannon, ready to be shot in the sky as the cartoons would have told this story, thanks to Paturnia Zerbino ( PaturniaZ in Koinup ) the skilled tamer who steps into an... Unpredictable accident in the middle of her performance and thanks to Nightbefore Dayafter ( Nightbefore in Koinup ), the Lycan star of the show. ^_^

Thank you once more for your preference towards my humble work.

Lookatmy Back said...

I do really love Baroques' "Keith Colors" because I remember the moment this work was born! It was a really funny experience and the final results shows it all: colorful, joyful, pop inspired and friendship sharing snapshot. Lovely!

Lookatmy Back said...

Botgirl's work hits the spot in avatars' reflections upon their lives: are they self-aware beings living in a different plane of existence? Do they feel to be controlled by external thoughts? :)

Botgirl Questi said...

Wow. I need to look up the model release from the dummy!

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