Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Koinup Watermarks to protect your images against unauthorized uses

watermark on koinup

We've just released a new feature that will help authors to protect their creations and images against un-authorized uses. Basically, starting from today, you can add a watermark sign to your Koinup uploads. The feature works - so far - only for images (that represent about 99% of the Koinup contents) and it allows to stamp a trasparent watermark.

Koinup Watermark is an opt-in feature. While in the upload process you can choose to add a watermark or not to your pics. By default, the feature is not active. The watermark will be automatically impress over your images, only if you choose to add it.

It's featured aimed mostly at some PRO creators and artists that needs a specific-professional tool to protect against the steal of images. The Koinup Watermark adds a transparent "Koinup Logo" on all the image. We choose to adopt a solution similar to Deviantart.

The main goal of a web watermark system is to discourage thieves to download images and use in their webpages or profiles. The Watermark adds a un-aestethics element in the image that make it less appealing for a web thief.

Let us your feedback on this new Koinup brand feature.

How to add a watermark sign

1. Visit the upload page
2. Click on Privacy, Crosspost & Watermarks options
3. Check the Watermark tab
4. Upload your images


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