Thursday, January 13, 2011

Export your Art gallery using the Koinup widgets

More and more, we see Koinup members using Koinup as their favorite art studio, posting artworks, drafts and images, showing off their portfolio and improving their art with the help of other members. That's what Koinup help them to realize. Moreover, many members like to share their creations outside the circle of Koinuppers, for example on Facebook, Twitter and their blogs.

Today, I'd like to talk about the Koinup Widgets, a series of tools that could really help you to export your gallery to other social networks and mainly to your blogs.

Koinup Widgets are customizable slideshows that you can quick share on social destinations with a single click. The widgets can be installed even by unregistered members. But if you are a Koinupper you can customize more and overall you can use and filter your own gallery and include your images in the slideshow.

While in the widgets setting, you can choose to show your images or from other members, you can choose a specific world or a specific tag, and you can filter the contents by recent or coolest.

We use the Gigya Wildfire technology. This allowed us to create a single-step wizard where you can choose the destination where you like to share the widget.

The most users share their widgets on blogs (you can install in the blog sidebard with just a click), bu you can also share on your facebook profile - and in many other social websites.


Below some screens that will help you to figure out how to install and enjoy the widgets


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