Thursday, April 28, 2011

The New Koinup Improved User Experience

If you visited Koinup these days, probably you are experiencing a series of new brand features that largely improve the users experience on the website. At first, we renewed the user homepage (launch page). The "actions links" (visit your recent page, the comments you've made, the widget menu, etc) are now located in a new sub-head menu. Still in the user homepage, on the right sidebard, you can now enjoy the new tab: What's your FB friends like. It's a Facebook social plugin that display the Koinup Contents most liked by "your Facebook friends". This way, while logging on Koinup, you can see what your Facebook Friends are liking on Koinup and you can follow their suggestions.

Old members will instead appreciate the new options available in the Account Page. If you visit your account page, you can find indeed a series of new privacy options. Basically, you can now disable the forward to your email box of Koinup notifications and Koinup invitations. Some members requested these features some months ago in order to have a better control on the number and type of notification forwared to their email boxes from Koinup. If you disable the forward to your email, you're still able to get the notification in your Koinup Message Box.

Enjoy Koinup and thanks for your precious feedback


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