Sunday, May 15, 2011

Contribute to the SL8 Birthday Party. Tell "What is Second Life" for you

what is second life
Linden Lab some days ago announced the Second Life's 8th Birthday Party. This year’s theme is the “Magic of Second Life". So why not starting with telling what exactly is Second Life for you? The well known Second Life blog "The Honour's Post Menopausal View" just launched a project, that rely on Koinup as main platform. The project is about posting pictures that are your personal answers to the above question (What is Second Life for you)?

As Honour writes: "Think about what your Second Life is to you and then take a photograph of it. You have from now til June 15th to do the thinking, the photography and the submission"

In order to enter the pool, you must post the pictures on Koinup and add some specific tags to them. Read all the rules in the Honour blog

The pictures can be submitted in specific categories
(Info here). All the pictures of the pool will be aggregated in a collective "universal" Second Life portrait.

be exhibitor at the Second Life 8th Birthday Party and show off this project. Then, we invite to contribute to this interesting project and help to make it even more amazing.

Here the first answers. Now it's your turn. What is Second Life for you?


Neil said...

Second Life for me is a forum in which people with political and activist and education and art backgrounds can come together to create challenging exhibitions or take part in discussions that help feed minds. Sharing of rl experience and nous across the globe by using the SL platform can help change thinking in local communities across the world. SL Left Unity do this through the work, discussion, exhibition and entertainment they bring together on their parcels. This group and its activists ARE my seconf life, but the inspiration I find there is used in my "first life" political activities.

Thiet ke website said...

My second life is discusions about Polistic, Party... There are many ideas as how to strengthen the Party, how to political stability, and how to develop more social?

Pier said...

thanks for the comments Plot and Thiet
if you want to express these points with a picture and join the "What is Second Life Project" read here:

Anonymous said...

My Second Life is a mixture of everything that is possible. I like exploring sims, listen to live music, build an script own things, visit galleries, drive and fly with vehicles, goto to dance clubs, participate in social events, etc...

For display the sum of my inworld experience I need a lot of photos. Is it possible to upload a different picture in nearly every category?

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