Monday, May 30, 2011

Desperately Seeking for Machinima

desperately seeking machinima

After the launch of HD support on Koinup, we started to drive more attention to Machinima. Because of this reason, we started the "Desperately Seeking Machinimist" Project. The initiative goal is to support and leverage the Machinima culture among the Koinup community. All the machinimists can join the project. They have only to join the "Desperately Seeking Machinimist"group on Koinup, add their machinima to the pool and on each week, a videomaker will be selected and featured on the Koinup Blog (and on the Koinup Fb page). Along with the 5 "special mentions", the aim of the project is to support the machinima efforts of all the Koinup members. Beyond the machinimists, all the Koinup members can join the project, by watching the videos and leave their feedbacks! GET STARTED HERE

Thanks to Just Art and MondiVirtuali - Media Partners of the Project


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