Sunday, May 1, 2011

Virtual Diversity Exhibition - a sneak preview

museo del metaverso
Roxelo Babenco - founder of Museo del Metaverso and judge of the Virtual Diversity Contest just published on her blog some snapshots of the upcoming Virtual Diversity Exhibition (the art show that will feature the winners and the runner ups of the virtual diversity contest). Have a look at the post to get a sneak preview of the upcoming show! It's Must View!

Teleport here (stand in the middle of the platform to get the immersive vision)

If you were under a stone the latest days and you're now wondering who won the Virtual Diversity Contest, have a look here

The Virtual Diversity Exhibition will take place at Diabolicus Art Space (bookmark this name, for the moment), a well know art spot in Second Life, owned by Velasquez Bonetto. Stay tuned for the opening announcement and all details!


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