Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Koinup Improved Groups and new Koinup Artists featured of the week

betty rogan second life art entertainment
We're glad to announce a powerful improvement in the Group Management On Koinup. Starting from today, you can add contents to the Koinup Groups directly from the comments. Basically, one of the most used way to invite/add pictures to groups was by adding them via comments. Before this update, it was only possible to add a direct link in the comments. Starting from today, instead, it's even possible add directly the images to the group without visiting the group pages. Just to make you clear, this cut 3-4 steps, and if you receive an invitation with a comment to add a selected image or machinima in one group, you can do that with just one click.

The feature is active only if you're already member of the group, you received the invite to post. Get started with the Koinup Groups Now

If you're wondering what's about the amazing image above, it's taken from "Just Art" blog that just went live with a story about two amazing Koinup Artists: Betty Rogan and Carthalis. I invite you to read the story and/or Enjoy the amazing gallery of Betty Rogan and Carthalis on Koinup.


Little Bee said...

Many thanks for the mention especially running along side Carthalis. Also thanks to my friends here on Koinup and members who have supported my works xx

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