Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Koinup User of the week on Just Art is Piatto

just art machinima

Just Art - the Second Life art and entertainment blog - just picked the Koinup user of the week. According to the staff of Just Art the user of the week is the machinimist Piatto. It's a fabulous week for Piatto, if you consider that it was only some days ago that we nominated Piatto machinimist of the week on Koinup. You can read the story on Just Art and/or enjoy the amazing machinima of Piatto here.

If you would love to get considered for a mention on Just Art, join the Just Art group on Koinup, submit your best artworks (pics or machinima) to the pool and stay tuned with this blog or Just Art for the weekly announcement. Good Luck!


Piatto Vocal Orie said...

Thank you for one special week XD

Piatto did the first live on June 17
four years ago.
It is a wonderful birthday present =D

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