Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Second Life Graphic Dreamer of the week

The board of  MondiVirtuali - The virtual worlds magazine and long-time Koinup media partner - just picked the Graphic Dreamer of the week. The artist nominated this week is GuinneV. GuinneV joined a few months Koinup but she already amounted a really huge and "so admired" art gallery with more than 200 artworks and almost 400 comments on her profile. I invite you to read the GuinneV story on MondiVirtuali and enjoy her amazing art gallery on Koinup

On Any week, MondiVirtuali picks a Koinup artist for the weekly column "graphic dreamers" and write a story, with a showcase of the artworks and occasionally by interviewing the author. In order to be considered, you have to join the Graphic Dreams group on Koinup and submit your art to the pool.


sofi pawpad :D said...

Congratulations! Guinne XD
You're a great artist!!!!!

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