Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Graphic Dreamer of the week is the Second Life Artist Anna Anton

According to the board of MondiVirtuali the Koinup Graphic Dreamer of the week is Anna Anton. I really invite you to have a read at the interesting story on MondiVirtuali and/or have a look at the amazing Koinup gallery of Anna Anton. In the column, you will read some interesting reviews of the most appreciated Anna's works.

If you don't know yet, any Koinup member can get a mention on MondiVirtuali column graphic dreams. In order to be eligible, you have to join the graphic dreams group on Koinup and submit your most beautiful images to the pool. On any week, the MondiVirtuali board reviews the newest works and pick one artist for the feature. Good Luck!


GuinneV said...

congratulations to the board of MondiVirtuali and the amazing annaAnton on her selection as Graphic Dreamer of the week!

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