Monday, December 12, 2011

How to discover the most photogenic Second Life destinations

When we launched the Koinup Places our goal was about giving virtual worlds people an effective tool to discover the most incredible and beautiful Second life destinations. Today, we are glad to announce that Strawberry Singhone of the most cool Second Life blogger and also a brilliant metaverse artist (here, her koinup profile) - started to embrace Koinup Places to choose the locations for her amazing blog-photo-shootings. 
Strawberry uses to wear amazing fashion outfits, and by settings the shootings in original and unique Second Life locations, she create amazing stories for the blog.  Have a look at the latest Strawberry Post and teleport to the same location to enjoy the atmosphere.

There are various tools to discover outstanding places in Second Life, the most known is the useful Second Life Destination and we highly suggest to use it. But if you're looking for a complete user generated directory most focused on photogenic and visually appealing places, you can enjoy and browse the Koinup Places. Have a look at the most coolest places of the week


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