Monday, January 9, 2012

The Graphic dreamer of the week is Betty Rogan

According to Mondi Virtuali, the italian magazine fully dedicated to virtual worlds, the graphic dreamer of the week is the Koinup artist Betty Rogan. I invite you to read the story here and browse the amazing Betty's gallery on Koinup.

If you don't know yet, Graphic dreams is a project co-branded by MondiVirtuali and Koinup, whose goal is to promote and highlight the best examples of virtual worlds creativity and graphic art.

If you're a metaverse artist or photographer, you can submit your images to the graphic dreams group on Koinup and get the chance of a mention on MondiVirtuali columns. On a weekly base, Mondi Virtuali board pick an artist as graphic dreamer of the week. Who will be the next?


Annie said...

I missed this until now - yay Betty! Really, really love your work and hugs to Little Bee too :)))

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