Monday, January 30, 2012

Metaverse Wallpapers now free on iTunes

Metaverse Wallpapers, the iPhone an iPad app powered by Koinup, is now available for free on itunes and on the appstore. The app features almost 200 virtual worlds wallpapers created by the Koinup community (thanks guys!). If you didn't download the app, this is really your best chance to get it for free! Get it now!

(a special thanks to Cesare Rocchi, the amazing iPhone developer who helped us with the project)


Anonymous said...

Android version coming soon?

Editor said...

there's a Nokia version called "3D Wallpapers". You can get it here: But at the moment, we don't have an Android version scheduled

Maiyya said...

Thanks Pier

Only just an iphone so cool to get the app free :)

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