Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Buy & Sell Prints of Virtual Art on Koinup

Koinup is pleased to announce the most impressive upgrade since the launch of the website. Thanks to a deep integration with the print service company Bigoom, you can now turn virtual art in physical objects and sell or buy prints of Koinup images.

"The partnership with Bigoom helped us to build a new way to think about the value of Koinup community and contents and now all the Koinup members can use Koinup & Bigoom not only to show off their talents, but also to sell prints of their artworks or buy them" says Pierluigi Casolari, co-founder with Edoardo Turelli of Koinup. "Recently we started to think that many images posted on Koinup were more than a form of self-expression. These contents are usually perceived as art on other social media as Pinterest, we thought that turning this digital artworks in "physical objects" would even increase the perception of them as art".

The logistic, billing and printing service is offered by Bigoom, an italian startup with a specific focus on helping online communities to print visual contents. Koinup built the integration upon the Bigoom API. With this integration, Koinup members can now easily create print versions of their images and display back on Koinup a direct link to their prints pages in Bigoom. With just one click Koinup pictures can be sent to Bigoom to set up a print version and then users can link directly on Koinup their shopping cart pages, where fans and customers can buy Prints. Info:;

We invite all Koinup members and readers to take part in the discussion group, in order to give us feedbacks, tips, suggestions and help to improve this service. JOIN THE CONVERSATION


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