Thursday, August 30, 2007

Filter by your favourite world

You'd like to see Koinup recent works only from some worlds? Are you interested only in Second Life, The Sims or IMVU? We have a new Koinup brand tool that match this!

It is called “filter by your favourite world” and it allows each member to select his/her favourite world in his/her homepage and to see latest works from koinup users only from the world he has selected

So, if you are interested only in Second Life contents, you can filter by Second Life.....if you are interested only in World of Warcraft, you can filter by World of so easy!

This tool allows people to get from Koinup only they like and only what they are interested in.....

You can find this new tool in the launch area of you home. Once you changed the filter, it will maintain the preferences, until you'll change them again.

Now, let me know: which is your favourite world?


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