Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A new brand preview for your storyboard

Last days, we introduced a specific preview for the storyboards. So, now you can discern with just a quick look, if a work is whole story or only a picture.

It was some time that we were thinking on this feature. As you know, Koinup is a multi media based social network. Members can upload pictures, stories/storyboard and videos (machinima).
We always thought that each media has its own specificity, so since the launch of koinup we worked on unique previews for each media. And these days, it happened that we completed the circle....
Pictures have their thumbs, videos their own loops and storyboards eventually have their own well-framed preview. What's about it?
Well, hope you like it....So, what a better moment to have a look at our last coolest stories?


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