Friday, August 24, 2007

Some more updates in Koinup

These days we made some firm updates in Koinup. Mainly, we modified the user's homepage and introduce some new features. Now, I'm waiting for you feedback!

These are the main modifications we activated for you:

1)LAUNCH PAGE: when you log in Koinup, now you have a different launch page. In the upper side of the page you have the launch area with a preview of recent works in koinup and the links to have a look at your recent activity, etc. In the down side of the page you have your works and your properly homepage

3)USER HOME: The homepage of the user is radically different than before. Now you have a more complex homepage which features your coolest works, your recent works, the comment on your profile and a preview of your contacts and favourite works. The new homepage is a sort of snapshots of your Koinup status!

4)FILTER BY WORLDS: In the launch area of the home, we introduce a new Koinup brand feature. Now, you can filter the recent koinup works by the world you are interested in. If you are interested only in Second Life works, now you can receive preview only from Second Life.....and if you change preferences, you'll come back to the default option.

5)COOLEST AND RECENT: The last updates is about your works. Now you can browse the author's works by more recent and coolest.

6)COMMENT ON PROFILE: Since now, if someone add a comment on your profile, you'll can see this in your recent activity page (before the updates it didn't happen so)

hope you like these updates, anyway, I can't wait to hear some feedback from you
next days, I'll give some more explanation on these updates......

Pierluigi and Koinup Staff


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