Friday, October 12, 2007

New uploader! Up to 25 pictures at one time

During the last week, we had the chance to work on the new uploader system. It allow users to upload up to 25 pics at one time. Now, it is ready to use!

The new uploader is more ease to use. You can browser in your hard-disk folder, select all the pics you like in one shot and upload them in Koinup.

For all Koinup members it is a real upgrade. I think that this upgrade is even better for people that use our crosspost system to upload on Flickr. These lucky people can upload in their page up to 50 pics with just one shot: 25 pics on Koinup and 25 pics on Flickr. Not bad at all!

Now, we are going to work on the upload intermediate page. That page will help you to add eparately for each pics the suitable descriptions and tags.

For now, I suggest you to enjoy our new uploader

With this update, we have some other minor changes. For example, we introduce the paging for the skill&interest user page, too.

If you come across some problems with the new upload, please contact us


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