Monday, November 12, 2007

Get updated about Koinup while you are in virtual worlds

If you live in IMVU and/or Second Life, you can now join our Koinup virtual groups and keep yourself updated about the website while you are in virtual worlds!

We just created two groups: "Koinup" for our Second Life community and "Koinup People" for our IMVU community.

Inside the groups you can find informations about the website and you will find other members which as you love Koinup!

We will use these groups to hear from you which are the features that you still miss in Koinup and to keep you updated our upgrades!

How to join our groups? Its very easy.

If you are an IMVU member, login and check out the imvu group lister:

once you reach that page, try to look for : "Koinup" in the group menu search box
or have a look at this page Koinup people group page

If you are a Second Life members, please open the client, login and search Koinup in the search box menu (search only in the groups folder)

Koinup virtual groups are an expansion of the Koinup brand style. Feel free to write us your comments, here or by email or by using our groups!


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