Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Update your Twitter from Koinup!

Do you have a Twitter account? Well, thats amazing! We at Koinup have just released a feature that provide you with the chance to join better your Twitter!
It is a sort a crosspost. Each time you post a pics on Koinup your Twitter page will be automatically updated. We will update it, for you!
To use this feature, you have only to insert your Twitter user name and password (the so called twitter credentials) in your account page on Koinup

Once you have typed these informations, save the changes and start to upload your photos on Koinup. For each photo you'll post on Koinup, you'll have one update on your Twitter page!

This crosspost media is working also for Flickr. So if you are a Flickr entushiast you can use Koinup to post your pics there. Post your photos on Koinup and you automatically will have them on your Koinup and on your Flickr. To get all the informations on the Flickr crosspost, please follow our tutorial


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