Friday, February 22, 2008

How to Post Koinup Images on Blogs and Forums

Today, we have just launched two new amazing features: EMBED and BBCODE!
They allow you to share Koinup images on your blog and on your favorite Forums!

EMBED and BBCODE are links that you can use, in order to share yours (and others) images hosted on Koinup inside other websites, as your blog or as your favorite forums

EMBED link is specifically devoted to bloggers. BBCODE is a code that works with the major part of the forums.

You can find these two links beside each Koinup Pictures, look here this one
Beside the picture, exactly below the ad, you can find these two links!

How to use? Its easy:
For the Embed, you have only to copy the Code and Paste it in your blog post

BBCODE, on the contrary must be used in Forums threads. So if you like to embed a picture in some thread, copy the image BBCODE and paste it in the thread or topic

Follow some example of Koinup Embedded Images:


Flaming Stars

Beautiful Star lit sky


1) Some Forums and/or BBS have disabled BBCode, this does mean that in that forums, you can't use embed our bbcode for the images...

2) We have a big format for the pictures, because of that it could happen that some bloggers template doesn't fit with our images
From this point of view, koinup members could come across most problems with Blogger. The other platforms, as Wordpress and Livejournals have usually larger template that match fine with our Images Formats.


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