Thursday, February 21, 2008

Get Your Widget / Display Koinup Pics in Your Blogs and Homepages!

From now you can display your Koinup contents in other sites, blogs and homepages. Using our Widgets, you can show your Koinup Gallery all over the world!

What is it a Widget? Widget is a small piece of code that you can copy in order to display your Koinup contents elsewhere. For example, in your blog, in your imvu homepage or elsewhere......

Our Widgets are highly customizable. You can choose between two format (vertical or orizontal), you can choose if works displayed are yours or from everyone else in Koinup and eventually you can choose world from which contents can come from

Get your Widget Now!

1st Postscriptum:
Widget is not a slideshow, it doesn't feature animations or music, but it is automatically updated; each time you post a work on Koinup, the widget hosted in your blog will feature this new work

2st Postscriptum:
To Help Our users, we have just created some widget tutorials
>the first one explain how to install the widget on your imvu page

The second one explain how to install the Widget on your blog (provided that you are using blogger)


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