Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Exotic Contest Entries

We have a new page for the entries. The page features a countdown (reload the page to see time passing by) and a checker that filter works by upload date!

This does mean that photos uploaded before the submission time and subsequently added with the exoticcontest tag are not displayed right now

As you know the main rule of the contest is : upload new photos! Don't recycle old pictures! Read the rule here!

Some of you now can't view their works in the contest page. Yesterday we informed all contestants involved in this issue......

I know, probably the contest have some issues. Someone, last days, had words against the community role in the winner selection. We know that as a first attempt, this Exotic Contest, have probably imperfections.
Anyway, we will to listen from everyone how to improve it....

Now, have a Look at the new contest page!


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