Friday, February 15, 2008

Second Life Photo Contest

How can I win 20000 L$! Its easy: Take part in the Second Life “Exotic” Contest and Submit your Photos! (This contest is restricted to Second Life members)

What does it mean “Exotic” in Second Life?
This 1st Koinup Photo Contest is about how the concept “Exotic” has turned out in your Second Life!
Have a look at the contest page , read the rules and submit your photos! Here are the first submissions

There will be three winners! Two of them will be selected by our authoritative judges Hamlet Au and Mario Gerosa. The third one will be selected by the Koinup community!

To take part in the contest you must be a Koinup member! You know, registration takes only few seconds! Invite your friends to comments and fav your entries, cause one the winner photos will be selected by the community

Now, Jump in the Exotic Contest Page and Learn how to win 20000L$!

Winners will be announced March,13 on this blog and on the contest page. Awarded Photos will be featured on the Hamlet Au New World Notes Blog

Before Sending Your Pics, Let me tell you what is the Community Winner and how do you can run for this price.....

Each Content on Koinup has a rank. That Rank depends on several factors: how many people view the content, how many fav it, how many comment on it, etc.....

The more a picture is appreciated by the Koinup Community, the more higher is the rank...we call this: most coolest

Here's tha Faq on Koinup, where we speak about the coolness....

These days, we are still working on the page contest, within monday we will improve the layout of the page and we will introduce an automatic system to esclude from the contents all the photos already hosted on Koinup

Don't forget this main rule: Submission must be new photos; If you are already a member of Koinup, don't use old photos already hosted on Koinup!


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