Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kaneva is on Koinup!

There is new world in the list of metaverses hosted on Koinup! Today we have enabled a fully supported Kaneva section! We have received the request of adding Kaneva some weeks ago!

Some enthusiasts members have contacted us several time in order to get their fav world listed on Koinup, we have appreciated their feedback!

So now, you have a new exciting Kaneva homepage and moreover people on Koinup have the chance to choose Kaneva as their fav world or set-it up for their uploads

How, to set your Fav.World? Its easy. In your homepage, you have a box: My World is and you have to select from the manu, which is your main virtual world

If you have feedback on these features, please let us know!


Anonymous said...

Thank You for adding Kaneva The best second home on the net!!

Pier said...

thank you guys for asking this and joining now!
I'm looking forward to see a great kaneva community on Koinup!

ChaCha Fance said...

Very nice, Kaneva is a really great site! :)

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