Monday, April 28, 2008

Postcards from SL to Koinup

Please remember to fill out all the fields, while sending postcards from SL to Koinup!
Type a Subject and type, also a caption in the message box! This will prevent a small bug still active in the grid related to postcards!
This bug don't prevent postcards to be correctly sent to the recipients email address, but it make the grid giving you an incorrect feedback while sending snaphots by email.

So in order to enjoy at the best the Send Postcards To Koinup feature, remember to type the subject and message line....

Are you wondering: how can I send a postcards from SL to my Koinup Gallery?
Well, it is very easy: go in your account
set-up your Koinup Upload Email, Copy and paste it
in the "Recipient's Email" in the Snapshot Preview!
Your postcards will reach Koinup in some minutes......

Koinup Staff


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