Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Second Life Machinima Contest! (just launched!)

Take part in the Second Life Music Videos Contest and Win 20,000L$ plus the amazing movie-making tool MachinimaCam created By Redgrave CodeBastard! Ideas matter as much as technical skills!

This is the 1st Koinup Machinima Contest! It is restricted to Second Life users and it will concern the creation of a Music Video, using footages shooted in SL!

The theme is totally free. You can create a video, which features a journey in Second Life, or create a storyline machinima! Otherwise, you can show us footage from your favorite sims. Or just create a sequences of wonderful images and stream them, as a slideshow.....

Videos can be submitted from April, 2th to April, 29th
Winners will be announced May, 6

The jury is made up the two authoritative bloggers CodeBastard Redgrave and Tao Takashi

There will be three winners! Two will be picked by the jury and the third one will be the Community Winner! community winning videos is most faved and commented and appreciated submission between all the entries!

Winners will get 20,000 L$ plus the MachinimaCam

Read carefully all the rules

Some well known SL musicians has been so kind to give us permission to use their tracks as soundtracks, here you can find link to download their tracks

Please, remember to give credits to musicians if you have used their tracks

Good Luck to Everyone!


Anonymous said...

I am Anna and I think this contest is totally crazy, I like it.

Could you let me knwo how the contest went when it's over and you make an evaluation.
I'd like to make a follow -up to this post:

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