Saturday, March 29, 2008

some acknowledgements for the Sims contest

We at Koinup wanna thank you some people that helped us to make the Spring Contest a great competition! At first we are very-very grateful with:
Sims2Cri, she has been so great in helping us to choose the theme of the contest, suggest featurs and she helped us also in spreading the word about the contest!
We are very grateful also with Decorgal, she was so busy with her works, but she found some time to team up with us and working on the prices!
Last but not least we are so grateful with TicTic, she has been so kind to take part in this "venture" and she is doing a great job, commenting, browsing and analyzing all the entries of the contest!
Thank you to all of you!


Anonymous said...

This looks like being a great contest. I have uploaded a pic to enter, is that all i have to do.

Pier said...

hi qvisn! thank you for compliments!!! we are very glad about this contest! there are a lot of awesome entries!

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