Monday, April 14, 2008

Second Life Postcards! Some tips

Koinup allows you to send postcards directly from Second Life to Koinup, without have to save the photos on your PC

Wanna know how to send a postcard from SL to Koinup?
Well, look here for a tutorial!
Anyway, It is a one click procedure! Go in your account
(you can view your account: only if you are a registered member of Koinup) and set up your Koinup Email Adress.
Then, while you are in Second Life, send a postcard, to that recipients email address! Your Postcards will reach Koinup in a few minutes and they will have attached the slurl.

So you can also use this functionality to communicate, promote and brand your activity in world!

Have a look at the latest pics broadcasted from Sl!


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