Friday, April 11, 2008

Sims 2 Spring Contest!

Spring Magic

Dear Partecipants, the Sims Spring Contest Submission Phase is Closed! Now, we are waiting for the winners announcement, scheduled for April, 16th! Anyway, as you can imagine we already know which is the Community Winner!
As it is said in the contest rules Community Winning Photos is the "most coolest entry" at the end of the submission time!

The Community Winner is......

Spring Magic! By Marty86!

Congratz Marty! Your Photo is Totally Amazing!!!!

For the official announcements we have to wait still some days....

Anyway, we from Koinup wanna thank you all the partecipants, for the amazing quality of all the entries! We are very proud to have to launched this contest and very proud to have posted this awesome lists of submissions....

Beside Marty86, Community Honorable Mentions are reserved to some other works that obtained awesome ranking:
Sephiramy, Hound, MedeAthena, ViolentDoll, mika_chan, Cippa and CeletialShores with their incredible photos!

See you next days, for the big-big announcements!


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