Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Music Videos Contest

Music Videos Winners has been announced! Moreover, yestarday we joined an amazing cerimony at Orange-Island!
Edo has been so kind to make a live-report from the event

Folling are videos from Winners! I suggest you to start the player and watch this awesome machinima.......

(next days, we will embed here the honorable mentions......and other videos too good not to mention)

<a href="">The Little Newbie music video ...</a> - a <a href="">Second Life Videos</a> by <a href="">alienhearts</a> on <a href="hhtp://">Koinup</a>

<a href="">"The Cats Will Play" Grindhous...</a> - a <a href="">Second Life Videos</a> by <a href="">BKiddo</a> on <a href="hhtp://">Koinup</a>

<a href="">Chouchou</a> - a <a href="">Second Life Videos</a> by <a href="">Chouchou</a> on <a href="hhtp://">Koinup</a>

many thanks to all the said by one of the judges Codebastard Redgrave: "I encourage all participants to continue working on doing machinima, many of you are extremely talented and are showing some real skills for the art"

Many thanks to the Orange-Island crew, they did a great job, allowing the cerimony of music videos Awards! have a look at their sim, one of most excting and active place in SL


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Pier and Edo!
It was a pleasure to collaborate with passionated people like you.
Your work is very valuable for art in SL.

Anonymous said...

yay for the winners! well deserved.. I have a machi newb question tho. As you evaluated the honorable mentions n stuff.. was cinematic, editing or production value considered in the judging?

Pier said...

thanks Natty! Me and Edo are very glad about the great collaborations with Orange!

Collin, the main criteria for this contest is mix of editing, ideas, photography, framing, etc...

With the next contest, I count to differentiate the various criteria and make different kind of winners
(best photography, best script, best stories, best music, etc..)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting
I'm adding in RSS reader

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