Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Stream Your Koinup Videos In Second Life!

You can now Watch Your Koinup Machinima in Second Life! This is a pearl for Machinimists! Its very easy to get the streamable file! I'll explain now!

In order to get your Videos Streamable in Second Life you have only to take two steps:

1) Import them from Youtube to Koinup
If your videos are already on Youtube, You can import them on Koinup with a single clic
and get the streamable file on Koinup
If your videos are hosted only on Koinup. You have to upload them also on Youtube and re-import them on Koinup.

This is because, our streamable service works only with Imported from YT videos

2) Get the Stream File on Koinup and Paste in your parcel media.

Here is our tutorial, on how to get the stream file and start streaming on Second Life

Some Notes about the feature
1) Import on Koinup only Videos created by yourself.
2) Don't import copyright contents on Koinup
3) Streamable Koinup Features take advantage on the Youtube high quality files technology
4) with some expedients, you can get a streamable mp4 file directly from Youtube, but the link expire after some minutes, so it isn't affordable
5) Koinup provide you with a permanent files for streaming
6) Import/upload on Koinup only videos related to your virtual life. That is machinima and Second Life Videos. We don't accept real life videos
7) In order to get the best info on the mp4 videos on Youtube, watch the Torley tutorial


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