Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Koinup & New World Notes

Hello guys, this post is just to inform you the Koinup is become a sponsor of the well known metaverse blog New World Notes
New World Notes is lead by Hamlet Au! Hamlet Au is a Second Life Journalist since 2003, when the grid was at its beginning!
Hamlet Au has really amazing columns on its New World Notes.....one of this columns could be really interesting for you!
I'm thinking about the New World Tableau, a dedicated section specific for Second Life Photographers!
If you have nice photos I suggest you to contact Hamlet. Maybe your items could be featured on the most popular Sl Blog!
You can Contact him on Koinup

The partnerhip Koinup & Nwn is part of the Koinup interest for culture and creativity inside metaverse


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