Friday, June 13, 2008

Sharing your Techniques! Create Tutorials on Koinup!

There's a lot of amazing artworks, pictures and machinima on Koinup! Its time to share with friends all the secrets about your creations! Create Tutorials, using the Koinup Storyboard!

How do you create your machinima? How did you make your recent masterpieces? Which are the secrets of Photoshop, Gimp, Sony Vegas that you want to share with your friends? How do you take high res pics in SL? how do you capture a scene on the screen?

Let us know it!

We launch a call to actions for tutorials! We will post the tutorials here on the blog and link them on the homepage! So, lets start to creating them! Sharing your ideas, tips and advice with your friends!

How to upload a tutorial on Koinup? Its easy! Upload them as storyboards
Upload one by one the various screenshots of the tutorial and add a corresponding text, for each one!!

Here are some examples of tutorials, created with storyboard media!


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