Monday, June 16, 2008

SL Portrait Contest, Announcement!

The selection process was very difficult because of the many entries and their overall very good quality. After discussing and refining an initial list of candidates, the judges: Anna Tretiak, Therese Carfagno and Bella March reached a decision.

The three winners of the portrait contest are:

"Anticipation" by Jaxi

"Beo with feather mask" by Lano
Beo with feather mask

"Paper Flowers" by DahniElla
Paper Flowers

Follow some comments from judges about the three winning photos:

"Anticipation" by Jaxi - The pose and expressiveness of the model are superb. The composition is enticing, making the viewer wonder what's beyond the window and what the woman's thoughts may be.

"Beo with feather mask" by Lano - It is very uncommon to see such beautiful male pictures with this sharpness, light, colour and emotion.

"Paper flowers" by DahniElla - So fresh and different from the usual static, gaze-into-the-camera shots that you often find in SL. You can smell the summer in this photo!

Each of the three winners will receive a fully-functional PhotoTools Pro package, valued in L$ 3750 and including lifetime updates.

Please Contact inworld Anna Tretiak, in order to arrange the consign of the prize!

The runners-up are the following:

"dreaming-of-music" by Paol_Oh -

"drift away" by MelodiousSource -
drift away

"fierce elf" by elusyve -
fierce elf

"heheh" by Jaxi -

"Insomnia" by LeilaCarroll -

"KRISS" by Nyla -

"Landsend Korobase" by LandsendKorobase -
Landsend Korobase

"Last Goodbye" by Morgause978 -
Last Goodbye

"narciso's-reflecting" by zheling -

"projekt square" by KeanKelly -
projekt square

"Queenie" by Tur -

"Ray" by Venk -

"Steph Berry" by JuiLoon -
Steph Berry

"The Moment Before" by Kee -
The Moment Before

"thief" by GabrielleSinatra -

"Tormented" by KimberlyMirabeau -

"viv" by vivienne -

"WIllolw_007" by Willow -

Winning photos and a selection of runners up, will be published on the Ananke Media Systems, Bella March, Therese Carfagno


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